Clinical design – who are we?

We design and manufacture digital, point-of-care urine test solutions. Our expertise includes human centred product design and development in the medical technology sector. We have worked side by side with healthcare professionals, AHSNS and microbiologists to understand the challenges being faced by clinicians. This resulted in the creation of a streamlined, digital urinalysis system.


Point of Care Urinalysis has remained unchanged since the 1960’s, meaning clinicians work with an unhygienic process, they are exposed to infected urine through the dipping and decanting of open urine samples. The test strips used are read at varying intervals and these manual readings are open to the subjectivity of the human eye. 

Results are often discarded without recording all available data, and when data is recorded, it is manually transcribed to the patient notes in an inconsistent and sometimes incomprehensive format. Furthermore, tests are being carried out sporadically between consultations due to time pressures and the unpredictability of receiving samples from patients.

Clinical Design’s urinalysis system aims to revolutionise urine screening and testing.


Clinical Design’s urinalysis system, led by our product designer and founder Oliver Blackwell, identified a significant opportunity to improve clinician experience and confidence in urine testing at point-of-care. 

Urine Testing System™ is the result of a collaborative research and development process with clinicians. The electronic testing system is aimed at improving hygiene, reducing the number of samples sent for further laboratory analysis and realising the potential of more consistent data collection in improving predictive healthcare. Developed using a human centred approach to design – It is the world’s first closed point-of-care urine test. 

Urine Testing System™ enables more accurate, hygienic, efficient and affordable digital testing.

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