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Urine Testing System


LATEST: Urine Testing System™ wins prestigious Red Dot Award 2019

The world's only closed system for digital point-of-care urine testing

Launching in 2020, Urine Testing System™ is a closed, integrated system – designed to increase the efficacy and reliability of your digital point-of-care urine testing.

How it works

The patient collects the urine in a UTS Tube™. With no need to open the sample, the healthcare professional connects the UTS-10 Cap™ with one-click creating a sealed, leak-proof module which is then simply loaded into the UTS Digital Analyser™.

UTS-10 Cap™ is a patented single-use cap containing the reagent pads to test ten parameters: leukocytes, nitrite, urobilinogen, protein, pH, blood, specific gravity, ketone, bilirubin and glucose.

Digital results are automatically shown on the UTS Digital Analyser™ – and, when connected to a computer, can be read on the UTS Desktop Software™ and saved into the patient’s electronic health record.

The sample can be sent to the laboratory with no need to decant. UTS Tube™ is specifically designed to fit in standard laboratory racking – and can be purchased with or without boric acid depending on laboratory requirements.



No need to open sample during the entire process. With sealed, leak-proof samples, urine tests can be conducted at a desk.


Minimal training required and increased workflow efficiency.


Digital readings reduce variation in analysis and improve ability to get diagnosis right first time. Results can be saved into patient’s electronic health record.

Increase the efficacy and reliability of your point-of-care urine testing

Working with clinicians, we’ve conducted over nine years of extensive research to develop the Urine Testing System™ for doctors’ surgeries and hospitals.

Urine Testing System™ has been designed to improve the entire process from receiving the sample and recording results, to analysis in the laboratory.

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