Manual vs digital urinalysis: what’s the difference?

Clinical Design offers healthcare professionals the world’s first closed digital urine test. This test provides a more hygienic, efficient, and reliable solution for urinalysis, for a variety of testing needs. But what are the benefits of using digital and automated urinalysis over a manual dipstick method? We will explain.

With manual urinalysis methods, you can be waiting a while before getting results, and recording the data into a patient’s notes can be time-consuming. Plus, despite the best efforts of doctors and health practitioners to be meticulous and clean, if there are multiple tests going on at once (due to high demand and time pressure) then it’s not a very hygienic process. 

What are the benefits of using digital urinalysis over manual?

The main advantages of digital urinalysis are that it is convenient, efficient, and highly sensitive at detecting abnormalities in the urinary and renal tract. Automated urinalysis also takes less time to produce results, whereas manual methods can take several minutes. This means, by using a digital alternative, you could be saving valuable time while giving your patients more accurate results. 

Another advantage is that it saves healthcare professionals from having to open up samples, and put wet stripes on the draining board. With digital, automated urinalysis, the process is streamlined and sanitary. When using our digital urine testing system, you just have to pop the cap on the top and put it straight in the digital analyser to run the test. And, while you’re busy preparing the next sample, the results will have already come through for the initial test. You can also copy the results straight into the patient’s notes and action them in just two simple steps. 

When discussing manual vs automated urinalysis, doctors and healthcare professionals mention that with the manual dipstick method there are many variables that need to be considered, and the results are more open to interpretation. Whereas, with digital urinalysis, the results have been processed automatically and the data is stored in a logical and professional manner. 

Our digital urine testing system also offers a bilirubin test, which most practices don’t offer. 

To see how easy our digital testing system really is, watch our tutorial videos on setting the test up, conducting a test, and cleaning the UTS Digital Analyser™. 

Want to learn more about how our digital and automated urine testing system works in practice? Then read the results from our GP trials

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