Technical Frequently Asked Questions

Can you save urine test results into patient’s electronic health record?

When the UTS Digital Analyser™ is connected to a computer via USB, you can review the digital results on the UTS Desktop Software™ and save the results into the patient’s electronic health record – creating standardised data input for easy auditing.

Does the UTS-10 Cap™ contaminate the urine sample before it arrives at the laboratory?

No, the UTS-10 Cap™ design incorporates a locking mechanism that separates the urine sample from the reagent pads for safe transport.

How is Urine Testing System™ calibrated?

In order to maintain the performance of UTS Digital Analyser™ an annual calibration check will be required every 12 months following the registration of the device – for which there will be a fee. We will provide a reminder and details approximately 30 days in advance.

How do you clean the UTS Digital Analyser™?

Inside the bottom section of the UTS Digital Analyser™ there is a plastic insert which can be removed for cleaning at least daily. Ensure that the plastic insert is replaced before re-commencing testing of samples. Non-abrasive agents and methods that are normally used in clinical areas are appropriate for cleaning the insert and the external parts of the UTS Digital Analyser™.

What is the battery life of UTS Digital Analyser™?

UTS Digital Analyser™ will last 1 – 2 weeks without a charge dependant on usage and is recharged via USB cable to any computer or USB wall charger.

How often do I need to update UTS Desktop Software™?

Automatic software updates will take place provided that the UTS Digital Analyser™ is connected to a computer with the UTS Desktop Software™ installed – and the computer is connected to the internet.

What are the operating system requirements?

You must be running Windows 7 or above to use UTS Desktop Software™.

Does Urine Testing System™ work with our electronic patient record system?

UTS Desktop Software™ is compatible with all major patient notes and clinical systems.

Has this product been tested for electromagnetic compatibility?

Urine Testing System™ complies to all CE mark certification standards.

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