Video Interview: Our design process for Urine Testing System™

“The more conversations you have, the better a product becomes.”

Oliver Blackwell, CEO of Clinical Design, discusses his human-centred approach to product design in this short interview. “I go into a setting without any preconceived ideas. By making sure that I look at everything quite objectively, my observations, and the questions I ask and therefore the answers I get, are that much more neutral and I can take that and actually turn it into a physical product.”

As the company’s revolutionary Urine Testing System™ is launched, Oliver reveals why he chose urine testing – one of the most widely used diagnostic tests worldwide – for the company’s first product. “It’s the same test whether you’re in a bush clinic in the Sudan or the Mayo Clinic. If I can make an improvement on something that’s so substantial, then that’s got to be a great thing.”

Oliver explains how he worked with clinicians in order to understand their needs and challenges. “The question I asked is ‘why is it done in the same way as it has been since the 60s, when we’ve got digital technology?” He then applied his insights and partnered them with digital technology to create a new, hygienic, easy-to-use and accurate urine test. Oliver’s vision is that Urine Testing System™ becomes the universal standard for testing urine – an aim he believes is achievable. Yet he acknowledges that in the field of industrial design, no product is ever finished.

“The world changes and therefore the product needs to change.”


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Urine Testing System™ wins gold at iF Design Award 2020 to secure place in Top 25 of all winners in Health/Medical (2016-2020)



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