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“A step change in point-of-care urine testing”.  That’s how the Clinical Services Journal described Clinical Design’s revolutionary Urine Testing System™ in its March issue. The leading healthcare publication spoke to Clinical Design CEO and founder Oliver Blackwell to find out about the motivations and aspirations behind the innovative new system.

Development process

In an in-depth interview, Oliver described how he and his Clinical Design’s technical team spent four years working closely alongside clinicians, challenging the inefficiencies and methods people had come to accept.

“Initially, the focus was on creating a sealed urine test that would not leak or spill. The idea of digital analysis and integration with electronic patient notes came later as we spent more time with doctors and practice managers. They shared their goals to adopt digital health to improve efficiency and patient care. This was a real shift for us during the development process – and as a company.”

Reliable and accessible the feature outlines some of the innovative ways in which Clinical Design has solved challenges that healthcare professionals had come to accept as inevitable – while also conscious of the commercial viability and cost-benefits of their system.”

“We knew that we needed to create a reliable, high-quality product that was also affordable… The encouraging thing for us is that budget holders have been equally as supportive of Urine Testing System™ as healthcare professionals because they can see the cost-benefits, reduced risk of error and improved working practices for their organisations.”

Oliver concluded, “We have an ambitious vision for Urine Testing System™: for it to become the modern standard for urine testing. And one that we look to keep evolving.”

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